Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foodbox?

Foodbox is The Official home food, it is just as tasty as home cooked food and served fresh in neatly packed containers for your convenience.

What is the purpose of Foodbox in today’s life?

Delicious FOOD for Office parties, House parties, Picnics, Tours, while Travelling or for Charity. No need to prepare FOOD at home, just order and get your FOOD boxes & be free to party.

What are the convenient features of Foodbox?

ONLY BULK orders. No Washing and no Cleaning, just use and throw You can order it Online on www.foodbox.in Or On Landline 022-22617777. Order needs to be confirmed by email 2 days in advance on order@foodbox.in with 100% payment in advance by cash, cheque and transfer or through RTGS.

What kind of food is prepared at Foodbox?

Pure Veg. and Indian style home made tasty foodis prepared at Foodbox. Once you order, you will surely like to order it again and again.

What about the Hygiene and Cleanliness?

The food is prepared in refined oil, good quality of spices, no added flavors nor preservatives are being used. Fresh vegetables are procured, chapattis are prepared fresh all the food is made and served in proper packing. The best part is the containers of Foodbox which are disposable. i.e. just use and throw, so there’s no question of reusing the containers.

How healthy is theFoodbox?

Nutritious, less oily, less fattening and healthy balanced diet. Definately very homely prepared food will be the healthiest food.

What is the minimum order for Delivery?

The minimum order undertaken will be for 20 people & above. The delivery charges will be as per the location of delivery to be done.

What else does Foodbox offer?

Foodbox also offers different Combo Boxes, Italian Box, Chinese Box, Snack Boxes etc.