Hi! I'm Avi

Gopichand Hassani

The Founder of Foodbox
Generation 1

Dad's been the most hardworking person I've ever met in my life. Anyone can give him the work and be tension free, his work will be done flawlessly. Dad started with a humble beginning in the year 1955 where the rates were nearly 10 paisa per Chapatti and a Veg. Thali at Rs.2. My father flourished his Restaurant business & took it to the next level where everyone would swear by our food. I have grown up seeing my dad’s hard work day in and day out and to what I have taken it to its next level & we now call it Foodbox. I have seen our staff getting old in our organization. I have also witnessed the same with our clients. Who came in once as a negotiating & haggling client is now our family friend (no names to be given as I have many names on my list right now :-) ). Honestly I feel the world my dad created was one I will only be able to salute to. I dedicate this project Foodbox to you & your training. Love you dad.

Avinash Hassani

The Proprietor of Foodbox
Generation 2

Being into Food Industry & Restaurant as a Family Business since 2 generations I started first to work as a Restaurateur that too from scratch. Though it wasn't easy but majorly with Dad's support & best wishes of the well wishers things started to work in a positive way for the restaurant. I still felt that I wanted to contribute something different to all this but in my way, my own new Ideas and vision. After a good study of food Industry & Services a new baby named Foodbox came into existence in my life. Foodbox actually is a new concept of Packed Food Parcel being delivered to the customer / client. for individual quantity for all age groups. By GOD's grace and positive people working with me on this project today I am very happy to say that Foodbox is growing and will always be working for everyone's good. I have faith in God, mine & my teams hardwork that we are very keen to serve our clients and grow the name of Foodbox.